American Thoracic Society conference day 2

Friday, May 15, 2015

From British Thoracic Society Chief Executive, Sheila Edwards, at the American Thoracic Society conference

Friday 15th May was a day to recover from the flight and think about colleagues in the air en route.  As I type this I imagine they will be waking up ready to eat the "afternoon tea" so thoughtfully provided at what will be 10.30 pm UK  time.   I popped down to the Convention Centre to check in and collect my badges (delegate and exhibitors) and to get my bearings.

One focus today for ATS is on young clinicians- third and fourth year residents - and the aim is  to provide knowledge to prepare them for the next stage in their careers.  Only 140 places are available overall, and competition is fierce.  I passed a number of Boot Camp sessions.  These don't involve timorous recruits being yelled at by gnarled and cynical chest physicians and hard core scientists while scrabbling up ropes and crawling through mud.  Instead, world class Faculty provides insight and hands-on experience across a wide range of topics. Fellowships for places are part funded by industry.  I wonder if this idea could cross the Atlantic?

There were also some basic clinical, scientific and translational Postgraduate courses and one - using Omics to study lung disease - included a session from Radko Djukanovic from Southampton.  The advance course homework involving Omics datasets sounds a bit of a challenge.   Something else to think about for UK?