American Thoracic Society conference day 3

Saturday, May 16, 2015

From British Thoracic Society Chief Executive, Sheila Edwards, at the American Thoracic Society conference

Saturday dawned with clear skies and light winds. Sorting out the arrangements for the British Meeting Point proved the usual blend of excellent advance prep and on-site Heath Robinson compromises. My colleague Ranjit from BTS and I managed to finish in time to avoid the big storm and heavy rain which rolled over the big horizon about 30 minutes ago.

ATS today continued with Boot Camp and Postgraduate and Assembly activities. The UK has much to learn about professional and patient groups working together and the Patient & Professionals Round Table event taking place all day was a good place to start.

Perhaps the Respiratory Futures website can provide a neutral collaborative virtual Round Table to gather and share current experiences. Maybe this will then promote a wider discussion about developing a more effective respiratory voice? I hope so and certainly welcome people's views about this, either to me at the British Meeting Point or via my colleague back in the UK - aileen.muir@brit-thoracic.org.uk