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American Thoracic Society conference day 4

Sunday, May 17, 2015

From British Thoracic Society Chief Executive, Sheila Edwards, at the American Thoracic Society conference

Sunday saw the first full day of the ATS programme, and a strong theme was the Discovery Series, marking the ATS' 110th Anniversary.  The sessions focussed on 8 seminal scientific and clinical  breakthroughs in the past century which ATS members identified as having revolutionised patient care and research.  

Breakthroughs don't always have to involve seismic technological developments and costly multi-centred research, though.    

The British Meeting Point space is near the Clement Clarke exhibition space.  As I served him the first cup of good old British tea of the 2015 Congress,  Clement Clarke Managing Director Mark Sanders showed me their latest product development - a disposable spacer modelled on a coffee cup (pictured) . 

The idea of using a paper coffee cup as an improvised spacer for pMDI use isn't new (I think initial work was done on this several decades ago)' but Clement Clarke has updated this with the novel use of the lid as both a mouthpiece and an inhaler port.   

Now that schools are faced with having to obtain inhalers and spacers this seems both timely and innovative.  Data will be presented early next month at the International  Society of Aerosol Medicine to demonstrate its performance characteristics.

Let us know what you think! -