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Welcome to our dedicated innovation and research area.

This is a focal point for established healthcare entrepreneurs, innovative people with great ideas but little if any business expertise, a new generation of business mentors or investors, and wider health networks working in partnership with higher education and industry. 

We’re here to help. As an innovator, we’d like to hear what would most help you to grow your good idea into a product or service of wider, practical value. Or as a potential mentor/investor, let us know what kind of projects you'd like to get involved with and how we could help.

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An innovative website and accompanying app designed by clinicians for clinicians and patients specifically to inform the selection, prescribing, and on-going use of inhalers.

Innovation & research

Our recent live debate on the role of public-private health partnerships emphasised the importance of close relationships between research and innovation.

Our innovation features

We welcome contributions from current and future innovators working to improve our nation’s lung health. Read our current innovation interviews, case studies and guest blogs here.

UK innovation programmes

Read more about the range of NHS and other national programmes working to take healthcare innovations successfully from concept to delivery.

National Institute for Health Research

NIHR’s Respiratory disorders specialty is one of over 30 which bring together communities of clinical practice to provide national networks of research expertise.

Other support

Help us to build a checklist of healthcare innovation support schemes for individuals and teams by providing resources and seeding new ideas.

Insights and data

Up to date, informed insights and analysis help clinicians and commissioners to assess clinical variation, trends and variation in disease patterns and address issues around quality of care, capacity and capability.

Klaus Dugi

For us at Boehringer Ingelheim, innovation goes beyond the development of innovative new medicines but also includes other measures such as 'offerings beyond the pill' to support patients in coping with their diseases and to help them live longer and more healthy lives.

Tim Ringrose

Often it’s the most simple innovations that are the most successful. And behind every simple idea that achieves greatness is a team of people with belief and tenacity to bring that idea to life. is a good case study: Neil Bacon's idea to create a virtual community of UK doctors, and 17 years later is used by 214,000 UK doctors.

Tim Ringrose

Patricia Roberts

Innovation is a word so frequently used in healthcare today. The challenge is to work together across boundaries to adopt innovation that has an evidence base, addressing the often difficult challenge of what will be decommissioned as a consequence.

Patricia Roberts

North West Coast AHSCN

Charlie Stebbings

As a charity hoping to shift youth perceptions and behaviour around smoking, innovation has been vital. A fresh idea that enthuses young minds to participate and, just as important, elicits interest amongst our supporters to donate, helps both to feel involvement in something original, something special.

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Charlie Stebbings

Deborah Hutton Campaign and Cut Films (now with Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation)

Tapas Mukherjee

Innovation for me has meant getting an idea in my head which won't go away, even though everyone around me keeps telling me to drop it, because 'it's stupid', 'too costly', 'too risky', or simply because 'it won't work'. Yet for some reason, I keep working at it, day and night, never giving up on it. Am I right? I'm not sure, ask me in ten years' time.

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Tapas Mukherjee

University Hospitals of Leicester

Stephen Gaduzo

I would like to see more use of simple steps to making excellent care routine, the normal thing to do. Things like discharge and review bundles, improvement algorithm tools, changes in the way we work that make it easier to deliver the right care to the right patient in every setting; the PCRS-UK slogan "Delivering excellence locally" sums it up.

BLF COPD Patient Passport

Stephen Gaduzo


Gillian Gibbons

For us innovation is recognising that in order to achieve sustainable change, it is necessary to take incremental and pragmatic steps that engage stakeholders and partners along the way.

Gillian Gibbons

OSA Partnership Group

Mark Sanders

Innovation is something we embrace strongly. For me, I know when we are onto something when people say, “Why has no one ever done this before?” It usually indicates that our innovation has a natural simplicity and is intuitively right.

Mark Sanders

Clement Clark

Elizabeth Crawford

Innovations can be simple step changes which save time or money, or complex, ground breaking ideas which save lives. In the respiratory area there are countless examples, big and small, from the discovery of short-acting selective ß-agonists in the '60s to the development of guidelines to improve management of the disease within schools.

Elizabeth Crawford

University of Manchester Intellectual Property

Louise Hope

Innovation doesn't necessarily mean being creative, it can simply be about doing one thing differently - that first step can have a revolutionary effect.

Louise Hope

Orion Pharma UK

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