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BTS Asthma care bundle

BTS has developed an asthma care bundle, designed to be used primarily for patients discharged from accident and emergency/emergency departments following an acute asthma attack, but will also be suitable for use in admissions wards where circumstances permit. The bundle can be applied to both adults and children (from 2 years old), although special considerations may apply to children under 5 years of age.

A care bundle is a structured way of improving the process of care leading to an improvement in patient outcomes.  It is a small, straightforward set of evidence-based clinical interventions or actions, which when performed reliably, improve patient outcomes. 

BTS hopes that this new care bundle will be widely piloted and adopted. The bundle addresses a number of the issues identified by the National Review of Asthma Deaths, and it is hoped that the bundle as a whole will help patients to manage their asthma and reduce hospital admissions. BTS will continue to support quality improvement in this area and will update the 2016 BTS adult asthma audit to reflect the care bundle elements.

Paediatric Pan London Oxygen Group (PPLOG) Discharge Bundle

Current practices of caring for children with oxygen therapy within the tertiary and community settings have been identified by a group of Children’s Nurses as not evidence based. In 2016, a Respiratory Nurse with a link to all of the Children’s Services in London (Caroline Lock, Clinical Nurse Advisor at Air Liquide) encouraged as many Children’s Nurses including Community Neonatal Nurses to share their concerns and find solutions to make the transition from hospital to home of every child on oxygen therapy seamless.

The aim of the Paediatric Pan London Oxygen Group (PPLOG) is to bring the knowledge and experience of Respiratory Nurses, Community Children’s Nurses and Community Neonatal Nurses together, and set standard guidelines that will ensure the management of children on oxygen therapy is safe and uniform within the London region.

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