The Sound Doctor

Films to help self management of COPD

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

  • The Sound Doctor hosts a growing library of more than 250 films to provide people with access to practical information on managing long-term conditions
  • Films on COPD include chapters on exacerbation, coping with breathlessness, smoking and COPD and pulmonary rehabilitation. 


The Sound Doctor is designed to help people manage their conditions effectively at home and live more active, happier and longer lives.

It has a substantial library of over 250 films covering five conditions so far: COPD, diabetes, back pain, weight management surgery and dementia.

The growing online library also contains useful tips from patients as well as doctors, nurses, consultants and other professionals on these long-term conditions. It also provides a chat room for people to share tips and stories with others who share their condition.

The Sound Doctor was founded by Dominic Arkwright and Rosie Runciman. Dominic worked at the BBC for more than 20 years, mostly on Radio 4 's Today Programme as well as Newsnight and PM. He also presented discussion programme 'Off the Page' and 'The Call' on Radio 4.

Rosie Runciman also worked at the BBC for more than 20 years on Radio 4's Today programme, Newsnight, Radio 5 Live and at The World Service.


Introduction to COPD

How to use your inhalers: The Respimat inhaler

How to use your inhalers: The Ellipta inhaler

How to use your inhalers: The Spacer

Evaluation Report

The premise of The Sound Doctor is that better informed people become more interested in looking after themselves and that the creation of information prescriptions reduces the need for, and number of, interventions across a range of conditions. This evaluation tests out that premise.

The effectiveness of The Sound Doctor's work was measured with a group of 169 patients over a 12–18 month period. Patients responded to a series of questions which produced the data found in the below report:

The Sound Doctor Evaluation Report, April 2016 (PDF)