Editorial team

Respiratory Futures receives clinical guidance from the British Thoracic Society Models of Care Committee, chaired by Dr. Justine Hadcroft.

We also benefit from editorial guidance from:

  • Dr. Lisa Davies, British Thoracic Society Executive Committee
  • Dr. Justin Pepperell, British Thoracic Society Honorary Secretary
  • Sheila Edwards, Chief Executive, British Thoracic Society
  • Professor Mike Morgan, Respiratory National Clinical Director

We have an inclusive editorial philosophy which aims to encourage discussion on innovative approaches to delivering care across our sector. We hope that a wider engagement with such approaches and their subsequent implementation will impact significantly on outcomes and address geographical inequalities in key indicators such as life expectancy, infant mortality or respiratory disease prevalence. 

The governance group's remit is complemented by an informal network of specialist editorial advisers with particular experience and expertise in their field. They will work with the Programme Lead to ensure editorial content is of a consistently high level, and is broad and relevant across all key areas including:

  • commissioning
  • integrated care
  • innovation and research
  • insights and data
  • regions and nations
  • strategic projects
  • public affairs and policy.