Respiratory Futures Breakfast Debate

Find out what happened when we hosted an event to discuss collaboration and innovation at the BTS Winter meeting

03 Dec 2015 8:00

In December 2015, Respiratory Futures invited delegates to its first live debate at the BTS Winter meeting focusing on innovation. We were joined by Professor Mike Morgan who chaired the debate, along with Dr. Clare Murray (UMIP University of Manchester), Mark Sanders (MD, Clement-Clarke International) and Dr. Paul Schofield (Medical Director, Napp Pharmaceuticals).

We kicked off with a short presentation from each panel member about how they’ve navigated a myriad of development challenges on the path to successful innovation; Clare and Mark talked about their project Rafi-Tone, and Paul spoke about the benefits of e-learning. We then opened up the debate to the audience - here are a few highlights from the floor:

“Innovation comes from feedback – what more do we need to know?”

“We need to innovate incrementally so it’s a continually evolving process.”

“We’ve probably all had a lightbulb moment and haven’t been sure what to do with it.”

“The route is painful, cashflow is always an issue – everything boils down to cash.”

“It’s great when ideas come from patients.”

“I don’t think healthcare accepts failure well.” 

“Clinicians want to [innovate] but they feel inhibited by complications around intellectual property. We need to find people who aren’t just after making loads of money.” 

“It’s important not just to think about technology. Innovation is also about different ways of tackling problems.” 

“Incremental moves towards something that’s better, that’s what innovation is.”

“By sharing ideas those lightbulb moments will shine brighter.”


Discussion was rapid and upbeat and we probably could have kept going for another hour! By the end it was clear that the central theme throughout was that of collaboration; asking how our sector can better share good ideas, learn from each other and maximise resources more effectively.

Thank you to everyone who attended and helped make this such a lively and engaging session. We look forward to hosting many more interactive events in 2016.

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Thank you to Napp Pharmaeuticals for supporting this event.