Insights and data

Up to date, informed insights and analysis help clinicians and commissioners to assess clinical variation, trends and variation in disease patterns and address issues around quality of care, capacity and capability.  

We've listed some key sources of insights and data below and welcome your suggestions of others we should list. You can also find a wider range of key respiratory-related documents in our Resources area.


Understanding Patient Data

It is important to keep giving the message that patient data underpins research and care. One way to help achieve this is to include a 'data citation' on all publications and stories that would not have been possible without access to data.

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INHALE update

Last updated by Public Health England in 2014, INHALE (INteractive Health Atlas of Lung conditions in England) is an online data tool that draws together indicators on COPD and asthma from a range of sources into a single online portal.

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The GRASP suite of audit tools is a cornerstone of NHS Improving Quality's programme of work to engage with primary care to prevent premature mortality from the nation's biggest killers. Free to all practices in England, the GRASP-AF tool is used by growing numbers of GPs to improve the management of Atrial Fibrillation and help prevent stroke. 

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During 2007 – 2014 IMPRESS achieved a great deal, with its two most recent projects - the COPD Value Pyramid and Breathlessness work - providing the basis for some innovative work across the sector.

Whilst it wasn’t possible to continue the project in the same way after early 2014, the IMPRESS programme partners have ensured a number of priority resources were migrated into our Knowledge portal. 

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NHS England Data Services for Commissioners

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NHS England Outcomes tool and Outcomes explorer

These provide interactive access to key data for CCGs, Directors of Commissioning Operations (DCOs), Upper Tier local authorities and now (as of April 2016); Sustainability and Transformation Footprints (STPs).  

The Outcomes tool allows users to view maps, charts and tables of individual outcome indicators across geographical areas, and to view a spine chart of all the outcomes for one or more areas.

The Outcomes explorer enables them to explore the relationships between two outcomes or between demographic or disease prevalence information and outcomes.

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NHS RightCare Commissioning for Value products

NHS RightCare is committed to providing practical support in gathering data, evidence and tools to help clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) and local health economies to improve the way care is delivered for their patients and populations.

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Respiratory Academy Commissioning Platform

The Respiratory Commissioning Platform is part of the Primary Care Respiratory Academy and aims to provide an additional forum for collaboration and networking across the commissioning community through a series of interactive one-day workshops and a host of digital resources. Workshops give an opportunity for commissioners and provider managers to explore common issues and discuss solutions for a population with complex and challenging needs.

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