Asthma UK and the UK Inhaler Group launch new Inhaler videos

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Asthma UK and the UK Inhaler Group have recently launched a series of excellent videos on good inhaler technique.

“We know that if people with respiratory conditions don’t use their inhaler correctly, or regularly enough, their symptoms may increase – and they are at greater risk of being admitted to hospital” – Dr Omar Usmani, Chair of the UK Inhaler Group & Consultant Respiratory Physician

Good inhaler technique is key for people with respiratory conditions, but there are quite a few variations in how it’s taught. That’s why Asthma UK has created a range of easy-to-follow instructional videos for the most widely prescribed inhalers in the UK.

Clinically accurate and developed with input from people with respiratory conditions, these are short, easy-to-watch tutorials showing how to best use the most commonly prescribed inhalers. The videos are endorsed by the UK Inhaler Group, a not-for-profit coalition whose members include professional societies and charities like the British Lung Foundation, as well as GPs, hospital specialists, pharmacists, physiotherapists and nurses from highly respected national bodies.

Dr Andy Whittamore, Asthma UK’s in-house GP, says: “As healthcare professionals, we can’t be with our patients all the time, but we now all have a reliable and up-to-date library of inhaler videos. This will give both me and my patients the confidence that they are taking their inhaled medicines correctly every time. We can go through the videos in clinic and my patients can view them again in their own time whenever they need to.”

Find out more and watch the videos at the link above or by visiting