New website launched: REACH (Register for Asthma Research)

Thursday, October 12, 2017

On 12 October 2017, the Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research launched REACH, a database of people affected by asthma across the UK (those who have asthma and parents/carers of people with asthma) who are willing to be contacted to take part in future research studies on asthma.

REACH aims to improve participation in asthma research studies in the UK. By doing this, REACH is likely to increase what we know about asthma, help health care professionals improve treatment for asthma, and allow researchers to design better studies, including development and testing of new treatments.

The REACH website facilitates the registration process through an online web form. Once submitted, an individual’s information is securely saved to a database within the University of Edinburgh. By registering for REACH, people with asthma will hear about studies that they might be able to participate in. In the long run, REACH will enable people affected by asthma to contribute to the current and future understanding of asthma and bring us closer to a cure.

The website also provides background information about the usefulness of registries and explains the difference between a registry and a clinical trial, for those who are new to participating in asthma research.

Further, by securely storing information about people with asthma across the UK, REACH will complement and supplement asthma research recruiting efforts by connecting approved research teams with a network of participants.

The website also provides a space for individuals who have registered and participated in research studies to share their experiences.

Visit the new website and have a look – register for REACH and find out more about how you can contribute to asthma research:

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