Taskforce for Lung Health: call for evidence

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Respiratory Futures is one of the founding contributors to a new Taskforce for Lung Health, which brings together 25 representatives from across the lung health sector including patients, voluntary sector, professional associations, primary and secondary healthcare. The aim of the Taskforce is to develop a single five-year plan for improving lung health in England, supported by the whole respiratory community.

The Taskforce for Lung Health has now launched its call for evidence on best practice and policy interventions to improve respiratory patient outcomes.

The Taskforce brings together organisations representing clinicians, patients and the third sector, working together to develop a five-year plan for improving the nation’s lung health.

Lung disease is one of the top three killers, with no improvement in mortality over the past decade, which is in stark contrast to other diseases. There is currently no plan in place to improve the care and services people receive, from prevention and diagnosis through to treatment, management and end of life care.

The Taskforce's call for evidence aims to identify what needs to change. Evidence from secondary care respiratory physicians is clearly vital in persuading government not only of the need for change but how we can practically deliver it, to avoid being faced with the same dismal sets of data on respiratory outcomes in the future.

The first Taskforce call out is for evidence linked to the prevention and diagnosis of lung disease. This will run from 14th February and throughout March. The second phase will follow on and will call for evidence on treatment and medicines, management of disease and end of life care. There will be guidance notes on what information we are looking for in particular and we encourage all respondents to read these before submitting their response.

You can find out more about the Taskforce for Lung Health, including its guidance notes for evidence submissions, by visiting www.blf.org.uk/taskforce.

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