About the programme


The aim of this programme is to draw together key resources relating to pulmonary rehabilitation, and to provide access to examples of good practice that will support pulmonary rehabilitation audit and accreditation. These have been sourced from the Royal College of Physicians, the British Lung Foundation and others.

Content for this programme area is overseen by the BTS Pulmonary Rehabilitation Quality Improvement Advisory Group – please see the BTS website for further information on this group: www.brit-thoracic.org.uk/standards-of-care/quality-improvement/pulmonary-rehabilitation/ and read the BTS statement on pulmonary rehabilitation here.

We are keen to hear about any initiatives that aim to improve the delivery of pulmonary rehabilitation, and aid the implementation and dissemination of guidelines and quality standards in this area. Please contact us at contact@respiratoryfutures.org.uk or here.