Listed below are documents that have been collated and created by the BTS Pulmonary Rehabilitation Quality Improvement Advisory Group (PRQIAG) for use by pulmonary rehab services.


Guidance and Standards

BTS Statement on pulmonary rehabilitation

BTS Guideline on Pulmonary Rehabilitation in Adults

BTS Quality Standards for Pulmonary Rehabilitation

European Respiratory Journal ERS/ATS technical standard: field walking tests in chronic respiratory disease


Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

A number of pulmonary rehab services have very kindly provided copies of their SOPs to share with other services. Some of these documents (provided in Word format) will need to be carefully reviewed and updated to reflect the circumstances of individual pulmonary rehab services. The exercise test SOPs (provided as PDFs) should not be changed in terms of the clinical content but the format and presentation of the documents can be amended for local use. Each document contains details of the authors and/or source organisation - please acknowledge the authors/source in any materials produced using the information below.

Service SOP - Harefield

Service SOP - Rotherham

Service SOP - UHL

Delivering a Class SOP

Cancelling a Class SOP

6 Minute Walk Test SOP

Incremental Shuttle Walk Test SOP

Endurance Shuttle Walk Test SOP

Quadriceps Maximal Voluntary Contraction SOP


Template Documentation

The PRQIAG has created a number of template documents for use by pulmonary rehab services – these have been provided as Word documents so that they can be easily adapted. Also listed below are example patient information leaflets - if you reuse significant portions of these please acknowledge the source organisation.  

Referral Form

Assessment Letter

Offer Letter

Consent Form

Assessment Form

Example Patient Information Leaflet #1

Example Patient Information Leaflet #2


Service Specification and Evaluation Tools

Department of Health Service specification: pulmonary rehabilitation service

Healthcare Improvement Scotland Service standards and evaluation tools

Healthcare Improvement Scotland Costing template

Healthcare Improvement Scotland Assessment and referral information


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