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ASH – Action on smoking and health
ASH was established in 1971 by the Royal College of Physicians. It is a campaigning public health charity that works to eliminate the harm caused by tobacco. We do not attack smokers or condemn smoking. The organisation is headed by the Chief Executive, Deborah Arnott, and governed by a Board of Trustees

Cut Films
Cut Films is an anti-tobacco short film competition aimed at young people to make films for their friends. The organisation works with the British Thoracic Society and their membership to educate more people about the risks associated with smoking, as told through the eyes of young people.

Cancer Research UK
Results of a survey of tobacco control leads in local authorities in England

NHS Smokefree
Free support to help stop smoking including access to an app, Quit Kit, email, SMS and face-to-face guidance.

National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training
The NCSCT is a social enterprise committed to support the delivery of effective evidence-based tobacco control programmes and smoking cessation interventions provided by local stop smoking services.

Royal Society for Public Health 
RSPH is an independent, multi-disciplinary charity dedicated to the improvement of the public’s health and wellbeing, including smoking cessation.

Smokefree Action
The Smokefree Action Coalition is a group of organisations committed to promoting public health. It came together initially to lobby for smokefree workplaces and is now committed to reducing the harm caused by tobacco more generally.

UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies
A network of 13 universities (12 in UK, 1 in New Zealand) funded by the UK Clinical Research Collaboration, which builds on the work and success of its predecessor, the UK Centre for Tobacco Control Studies (UKCTCS).

University of Bath Tobacco Control Research Group
A multidisciplinary group producing high quality research that evaluates the impact of public health policy and the impact of broader policy changes including investment and trade liberalisation on health. This research is used to inform future policies.