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Better drug delivery: improving device selection and patient compliance

With a wealth of inhalers available, selecting the right device and ensuring patients are using devices correctly are essential factors for achieving positive outcomes. Poor use and training can present a serious health risk. So how do healthcare professionals ensure that patients are receiving the right drug for the right device?

Dr Mark Elliott presents the latest instalment of ERS Vision on the importance of device selection, factors affecting the correct use of inhalers and the future of effective drug delivery. 


East Midlands Respiratory Programme

The programme has produced 4 videos to highlight the importance of inhaler technique for professionals and patients: 

Two Types of Inhaler - Two Different Techniques

The DPI - Dry Powder Inhaler - Seven Simple Steps

The MDI - Metered Dose Inhaler - Seven Simple Steps

Using Your Inhaler Right Really Matters - MDI DPI Inhaler Techniques


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