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Paediatric Pan London Oxygen Group (PPLOG) Discharge Bundle

Published by: Paediatric Pan London Oxygen Group (PPLOG)

Publication date: April 2018

Current practices of caring for children with oxygen therapy within the tertiary and community settings have been identified by a group of Children’s Nurses as not evidence based. In 2016, a Respiratory Nurse with a link to all of the Children’s Services in London (Caroline Lock, Clinical Nurse Advisor at Air Liquide) encouraged as many Children’s Nurses including Community Neonatal Nurses to share their concerns and find solutions to make the transition from hospital to home of every child on oxygen therapy seamless.

The aim of the Paediatric Pan London Oxygen Group (PPLOG) is to bring the knowledge and experience of Respiratory Nurses, Community Children’s Nurses and Community Neonatal Nurses together, and set standard guidelines that will ensure the management of children on oxygen therapy is safe and uniform within the London region.


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