Respiratory Futures is an online platform run by the British Thoracic Society which shares resources that support the delivery of integrated, sustainable, innovative and high-quality respiratory care. Respiratory Futures works with other organisations who share similar goals to support the diverse multi-professional teams in the UK respiratory sector, co-ordinating the latest information and good practice from a range of sources.


Our aims are to:

- Foster the sharing of innovation, research and best practice in respiratory health relevant to all members of the multi-professional respiratory team.

- Foster the sharing of innovation, research and best practice in respiratory health to best meet the needs of patients and help to reduce healthcare inequalities in the United Kingdom.

- Raise the profile of respiratory health as something of vital importance when working to improve the health of our population.


On the Respiratory Futures website you can find:

- Interviews, research, articles and case studies covering innovative models of care, best practice, novel topics and new projects in the respiratory field.

- Documents, publications and sources of information published by a range of reputable organisations on various respiratory-related topics useful in the United Kingdom.

- Specific focus on sustainability and the environment, delivery of care, workforce diversity and pressures and health inequalities in respiratory health.


We'd love to hear from you! 

We are always interested to hear your thoughts and to know about respiratory projects or models of care you are involved in. Respiratory Futures depends on your contributions so please do get in touch with us.