Bridging the gap between specialist and primary care

Mike Morgan in conversation with Stephen Gaduzo

27 Mar 2015 10:30

The UK lags behind other countries in both the timeliness of diagnosis and access to specialist care. One important factor is the nature of our health service where primary care is the gatekeeper to specialist care.

At present primary care is under great pressure with growing workload and increasing expectations. Meanwhile respiratory specialists are largely confined within hospitals and not able to operate in the community freely where their skills may be better employed.

This separation is further exaggerated by the disparate and independent nature of the organisations that employ specialists and general practitioners.

If the NHS in England is to work well in future then there has to be a change in the way that care is provided. Some of these are set out in the Five Year Forward View and describe different models of vertical integration.

In this webinar Mike Morgan and Stephen Gaduzo explored the different ways that GPs and specialists can work together to improve diagnosis and management of common respiratory conditions beyond the traditional hospital referral.