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Breathlessness IMPRESS Tips (BITs) for clinicians

Published by: IPCRG

These Breathlessness IMPRESS Tips (BITs) are one of a set of four BITs based on an IMPRESS programme to develop guidance for clinicians, commissioners, patients and researchers about how to improve services for the adult population disabled by breathlessness. These BITs offers guidance to clinicians (doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists and others) working in general practice and community and hospital environments about how to take a symptom-based approach to assessment and care of adults, and the advantages it offers in terms of tackling multi-morbidity and the complex interaction between mental and physical health, and the capabilities, opportunities and motivation for healthy or unhealthy behaviours, and the challenges it uncovers in terms of lack of evidence, and the need to dismantle or adapt existing pathways.

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