UK innovation programmes

The NHS Five Year Forward View aims to create a cultural change where proven innovations with clear patient and population benefit can be adopted faster and more systematically throughout the NHS.

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NHS Innovation Accelerator (NIA)

The aim of the NIA is to deliver on the commitment detailed within the Five Year Forward View – creating the conditions and cultural change necessary for proven innovations to be adopted faster and more systematically through the NHS, and to deliver examples into practice for demonstrable patient and population benefit.
NHS RightCare  NHS England is investing in this programme to enable every health economy in England to embed the NHS RightCare approach at the heart of their transformation programmes.
NHS Innovation  Innovation is critical to enabling NHS England to achieve the ambitions set out in the Mandate, to ramp up the pace and scale of change, and deliver better outcomes for patients across all five domains of the NHS Outcomes Framework.
NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Scheme The Clinical Entrepreneur Training programme has been co-designed by NHS England and Health Education England to offer opportunities for junior doctors and the wider health professionals to develop their entrepreneurial aspirations during their clinical training period.