Interactive health atlas launches for the respiratory sector

Monday, December 1, 2014

Going live on 9th December 2014, INHALE is an online data tool that draws together respiratory data on (mainly) COPD and asthma from a range of sources into a single online portal.

The Interactive Health Atlas of Lung conditions in England (INHALE), which is managed by the Knowledge and Intelligence Team East (part of Public Health England), aims to:

  • help commissioners and clinicians assess the impact of respiratory disease on local populations, assess variation and identify the services required to meet those needs
  • provide a single source of data on the burden of, and quality of care for respiratory disease in England. 
  • provide accessible, actionable data showing clinical variation, trends in disease patterns and quality of care to those working in or interested in improving respiratory healthcare services and outcomes.

The tool contains 60 respiratory indicators (with the addition of 11 new indicators since the last update). Data is presented at CCG level and grouped into five domains (prevention, diagnosis, management, outcome and spend). Data for each indicator can be compared to regional and national levels using interactive maps, charts and tables. Commentaries, abstracts and think pieces will also be available to accompany the data.