Pulmonary rehab forum launched

Monday, June 19, 2017

Respiratory Futures' pulmonary rehabilitation programme page draws together information, resources and examples of best practice to help PR professionals in their day to day work. These include Standard Operating Procedures, template documentation and patient information, and we have recently added a PR forum in time for National PR Week 2017.

The resources and forum are overseen by the BTS Pulmonary Rehabilitation Quality Improvement Advisory Group. Claire Nolan, a respiratory physiotherapist and member of the group, introduces the PR forum:
"Pulmonary rehabilitation involves professionals from a range of backgrounds but until now there was no one place where those involved with PR could come together to share information.

This new forum has been established by Respiratory Futures to address that gap and provide a dedicated space to share new ideas and best practice, and seek input from peers. We particularly hope that it will prove useful for those involved in the national PR audit at the moment and will continue to be a space where people can share learning and QI ideas once the audit has closed.

Access to the forum is by registration and we hope that you will all sign up and join the conversation on PR Week and a range of other topics."