The INtegrated reSPIratory REsearch collaborative (INSPIRE)

Published by: The INtegrated reSPIratory REsearch collaborative (INSPIRE)

INSPIRE, the INtegrated reSPIratory REsearch collaborative, is the UK’s research network for early career doctors and allied health professionals in respiratory medicine.

INSPIRE aim to facilitate a collaborative approach to performing clinical research projects and high-quality audits at regional and national scale for the benefit of patients with respiratory disease.

INSPIRE has been set up as a national network for specialist trainees in respiratory medicine to develop, set-up and support high quality, trainee led research projects.

Following the success of several local networks, and national groups in other specialties, INSPIRE aims to create a vibrant, dynamic and inclusive community leading to better research evidence for our patients and better research career opportunities for our healthcare professionals.

Visit the INSPIRE website.

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