Respiratory Futures and The British Thoracic Society have partnered with ITN Business to produce ‘Lungs Matter’

Monday, August 15, 2022

Respiratory Futures, The British Thoracic Society (BTS) and ITN Business are producing a news-style programme to raise awareness and understanding of respiratory health.

Breathing is fundamental to life, and most of us breathe unconsciously, without awareness. Respiratory disease, however, affects as many as one in five people in the UK.[1] 

For many, the simple act of breathing can be a struggle and most patients with chronic respiratory disease will never be cured. Early diagnosis, treatment and education are the cornerstones of effective health care.

Anchored by an ITN Business presenter from the ITN London studio, 'Lungs Matter’ will explore how clinicians, researchers, advancing technologies, pharmacological innovations and better approaches to patient-centred care are improving the quality of life for people diagnosed with respiratory disease. Featuring interviews with thought-leaders and stories from patients living with respiratory disease, the programme will highlight the meaningful gains achieved through disease prevention, health promotion and government policy designed to combat environmental pollution and address health inequalities.

The programme will also address the shortage of respiratory specialists, a situation brought into even sharper focus during the pandemic when so many critical COVID patients required life-saving respiratory care. Launching at the Winter Meeting of the British Thoracic Society on 23 November 2022, the programme features interviews, news items and sponsored editorial profiles filmed around the country.

Dr Paul Walker, Chair of the British Thoracic Society said:
“Lung Health and breathlessness has a profound effect on a person’s quality of life and many lung conditions can be avoided or greatly relieved through a better understanding of prevention and early access to specialist care. Through our partnership with ITN Productions, we hope more people will understand and avoid the causes of lung disease, take action through management and self-care and know where and when to get help.”

Nina Harrison-Bell, Head of ITN Business said:
“We are delighted to partner with Respiratory Futures and The British Thoracic Society to raise awareness of the importance of understanding respiratory health and the opportunities and challenges accelerated by the recent pandemic. We hope the programme will provide a powerful platform to increase prevention, improve outcomes and raise awareness of how we can all play a part in improving the nation’s respiratory health”

You can watch a short video introducing 'Lungs Matter' below.


[1] British Lung Foundation