Project Steering Group

The project will support sharing, disseminating and updating information throughout the life of the Tobacco Dependency project.

It will be complementary to the delivery of the NHSE&I funded transformation project to offer NHS-funded tobacco dependence treatment within acute, mental health and maternity services.

The project will be guided by a designated steering group, meeting formally at least twice a year, with regular ad-hoc communication in the interim. The work will be overseen by BTS and the chair of the steering group will report to the BTS Quality Improvement Committee. 

It will:

• Oversee work, planning and delivery
• Review existing materials and develop new collateral
• Liaise with NHSE&I to ensure that project deliverables are met
• Ensure sustainability of the programme so that it becomes embedded in national and regional structures

The membership of the Steering Group comprises the following:

• Chair
• BTS Tobacco Dependency Project Manager
• BTS Smoking Cessation audit lead
• Expert by Experience/Ottawa Model lead
• NHSE&I Tobacco Dependency Advisor
• Two Members of BTS 
• NHSE&I National Speciality Advisor Tobacco Dependency
• NHSE&I Head of Prevention Programme
• A QI Expert
• NHSE&I National Speciality Advisor for Obstetrics (Public Health)
• A lead contact from mental health services

October 2021