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BTS marks 40 years of No Smoking Day

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

It has been 40 years since No Smoking Day was launched in the UK to encourage smokers to begin their smoke-free journey. While smoking rates have dropped over the years, this day reminds us there is still much to be done to prevent the ongoing harm to health caused by tobacco dependency.

The British Thoracic Society continues to promote initiatives that support the Smokefree agenda and recently welcomed the proposed changes to legislation, which would mean no one age 14 or younger would ever be legally sold tobacco.

The new BTS Clinical Statement on the Medical Management of Inpatients with Tobacco Dependency will be launched at the end of March. The statement asserts that inpatient admission is a unique situation that represents a ‘teachable moment’, an opportunity for abstinence in an environment away from normal smoking behaviours. The Statement provides evidence-based, practical advice for hospital clinicians to be able to identify adults who are tobacco-dependent, initiate treatment and ensure specialist care.

BTS urges all members to take the opportunity to encourage any patients who may be smoking to seek structured support to quit. Together, we can help make the vision of the Kahn Review a reality and make smoking obsolete by 2030.    

A range of BTS tobacco dependency treatment resources, free for use by your service, are available on the Respiratory Futures website here.