Fundamental to life - Respiratory Futures and ITN Business explore why ‘Lungs Matter’

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Fundamental to life - Respiratory Futures and ITN Business explore why ‘Lungs Matter’

Launching on 23rd November, at the British Thoracic Society’s Winter Meeting

Breathing is an unconscious act that most have done since birth without any awareness or difficulty but for some people, breathing can be a daily struggle. As many as one in five people in the UK are affected by respiratory disease[1] and most people living with chronic respiratory disease will never be cured.

However, advancements in respiratory medicine, greater awareness and an increase in preventative measures are improving outcomes. Respiratory Futures, and ITN Business have worked in partnership to produce ‘Lungs Matter’, a news-style programme to explore the game changing technology and innovations that are impacting patient outcomes, as well as showcasing how education and prevention are making a real difference.

The programme investigates the impact of external factors such as pollution and healthcare inequalities on respiratory health and the significant pressures being experienced across the NHS. Following the pandemic, where respiratory illness became headline news, ‘Lungs Matter’ aims to continue the conversations started, raising awareness and understanding, shining a light on the clinicians and organisations going above and beyond to advance treatments and patient outcomes, as well as highlighting the stories of individuals living with poor respiratory health.

Anchored by journalist and presenter Duncan Golestani, the programme features an interview with Paul Walker, the Chair of the British Thoracic Society, discussing the work being done to raise awareness of respiratory disease and lung conditions and why respiratory specialists are important in improving quality of life and the future of respiratory healthcare. ‘Lungs Matter’ also includes a news report about air quality, looking at how exposure to air pollutants can increase our risk of developing lung disease and the measure needed to address poor air quality.

Hosted on the Respiratory Futures website, the programme also features reporter-led sponsored editorial profiles from the following organisations.

  • AI – explain how they are working alongside the NHS to roll out their AI tool that can detect early signs of lung cancers and other diseases
  • Chiesi – share how they are addressing inhalers’ environmental impact, with an approach that doesn’t compromise patient care
  • Dolby Vivisol – demonstrate how they are providing specialist support for patients in their homes, improving therapy outcomes, and taking some of the strain from the NHS hospital clinical teams
  • NuvoAir – discuss their comprehensive asthma home monitoring and support service, designed to expand clinical capacity for diagnosing, treating, and improving outcomes for these high-risk patients
  • Pulmonx – explain how their endobronchial valve system for severe emphysema patients is improving quality of life, and is available to patients across the country
  • Sanofi – share how they are seeking to challenge health inequalities and reduce risk in respiratory diseases, improving the lives of patients through collaboration with patient association groups, healthcare professionals and regulators
  • Sefam Medical – discuss how they are working to meet the demand, with their technology driven CPAP products and software, allowing patients access to life enhancing therapy
  • Synairgen – share how they are developing the first of its kind, broad-spectrum host-directed antiviral, which can be inhaled directly into the lungs, boosting the lungs’ natural immune response

Dr Paul Walker, Chair of the Board of Trustees, British Thoracic Society, said: “Breathlessness and Lung Disease have a detrimental impact on the quality of life of thousands of people, but support is available. Our partnership with ITN Productions highlights the ground-breaking work that UK researchers are delivering to improve the lives of people with lung disease. It showcases knowledge sharing, innovation and technology which can help to relieve debilitating symptoms and contribute towards better lung health for all. This new suite of films also reminds us of how initiatives to reduce air pollution and reduce health inequalities can play a part in helping people to breathe more easily and how everyday actions can make a big impact.”

Nina Harrison-Bell, Head of ITN Business said: “With the pandemic having made respiratory health mainstream news, we want to continue this momentum and ensure the topic remains on everyone’s agendas. As many people are returning to normal life, those suffering with their respiratory health continue to struggle. We hope that ‘Lungs Matter’ brings needed awareness to prevention, treatments and the amazing professionals working towards a better future for respiratory health.”

‘Lungs Matter’ will launch at the British Thoracic Society Winter Meeting in London on the 23rd of November, and will then be available to watch online here on the Respiratory Futures website.

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[1] Asthma and Lung UK