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ITN Business announces news-style programme in collaboration with Respiratory Futures

Thursday, November 23, 2023


ITN Business, in partnership with Respiratory Futures, is proud to announce the launch of its news-style programme, Breathing Better Together, aimed at shedding light on the critical issue of lung disease in the UK. With approximately 115,000 lives lost in the UK each year to lung-related conditions, accounting for one in five of all deaths, this programme seeks to highlight positive initiatives addressing this public health challenge.

Anchored by news presenter Lukwesa Burak from the ITN London Studio, Breathing Better Together focuses on three key aspects of respiratory healthcare: the impact of health inequalities; technological innovations; and novel approaches to care. By bringing attention to these areas, the programme aims to contribute to the ongoing efforts to improve the alarming statistics surrounding lung disease in the UK.

The programme will also feature an exclusive interview with Dr. Paul Walker, Chair of the British Thoracic Society.  Dr. Walker's expertise and perspective offers viewers valuable insights  into ways in which inequalities in respiratory health are being addressed. We also feature an exclusive interview with Sarah Woolnough, CEO of Asthma + Lung UK discussing why more funding is needed in respiratory care.  Additionally, we visit Yorkshire to learn more about tobacco-dependency cessation efforts and innovations around improving access to lung health educational materials.

The programme also features sponsored profiles from the following contributors:

- Association of Respiratory Nurse Specialists - empowering and influencing modern pathways of care for patients living with respiratory disease

- bioMérieux - providing rapid and precise testing for multiple respiratory pathogens reducing diagnostic uncertainty and enabling real-time patient care customisation

- Recipharm – Recipharm has partnered with Honeywell to produce pressured, metered-dose inhalers that have substantially less environmental impact

- NuvoAir - providing a comprehensive asthma home monitoring and support service designed to expand clinical capacity for diagnosing, treating

- Sefam – producing CPAP products and software, allowing patients access to life enhancing therapy

- Vivisol - providing specialist support for patients in their own homes

The programme will launch on 23 November 2023 at the British Thoracic Society Winter Meeting, an event that provides a platform for stakeholders, healthcare professionals, and the general public to come together and engage with the latest developments in the fight against lung disease.

Paul Walker, Chair of BTS said: "We are excited to present 'Breathing Better Together' in collaboration with Respiratory Futures. This programme reflects our commitment to raising awareness about lung disease and showcasing the positive strides to inspire collective action and contribute to the ongoing efforts to improve respiratory health in the UK."

Shannon Fairchild, Senior Producer, ITN Business said: “It is such a privilege to produce a programme with the team at Respiratory Futures again this year. With both pollution and respiratory illness making headline news daily, lung health could not be a more topical or urgent subject.”

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Watch the Breathing Better Together programme here.